This dark comedy is the tale of Maureen and Sylvie’s Road Trip around the highways and byways of England delivering essential life-saving First Aid training. Part quintessentially British First Aid training course, part ' Thelma and Louise', Thunder Road is a show about how to survive.

The show has a unique style and tone, a blend of stand-up/compering, physical theatre and new writing. It is highly accessible whilst remaining true to the RedCape mission of telling the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations.
Thunder Road tells the story of two women, Maureen and Sylvie, who embark on a First Aid training trip. When things take an unexpected turn in a Travelodge, events spin out of control and they find themselves on a life changing road trip where their friendship is tested to its limits and they must keep moving just to stay alive. 
The characters in Thunder Road, Maureen and Sylvie, are influenced by the creations of Victoria Wood, Steve Coogan, Bridget Christie and Julia Davis, and in common with those creations the show examines some of the darker corners of human nature, venturing into seriously dangerous territory where first aid becomes a metaphor for survival.
The story confronts themes of domestic abuse, the curbing of female ambition and the portrayal of women in crime dramas as faceless victims. The characters are complex; absurd yet believable. They claim for themselves themes and concepts that are traditionally masculine: the fugitive buddy movie, cars and driving, the music of Bruce Springsteen and being a life-saving hero.

Created & performed by Cassie Friend & Catherine Dyson
Written by Catherine Dyson
Artistic Consultant Rebecca Loukes
Sound Design & Artistic Consultant Andrew Dawson
Design by Tina Bicât
Lighting Design by Ben Cowens
Produced by Turtle Key Arts


“Fun and feisty, a quirky road trip through dreams and friendship, first aid tips and cowboy boots. Very entertaining.”

British Theatre Guide

“a very funny, vibrant show which also takes on weightier issues”

Hereford Times

“Amazingly funny, loved the banter between the performers and audience”

Audience feedback

“Fantastic production – humorous method of approaching taboo subjects”

Audience feedback

“Thoroughly enjoyable – transported me out and away from the trials of modern 2018 life”

Audience feedback

“Best play I’ve ever seen, funny, political and a bit rude”

Audience feedback





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