From research into the true ‘Coastal Erosion stories’ of Norfolk residents and from extensive study into the effects of Alzheimer’s the play explored the metaphorical connections between memory erosion and coastal erosion.

1 Beach Road is based on real stories. The true “coastal erosion stories” of Happisburgh, Norfolk residents whose homes are beginning to disappear into the sea. Every night as they sleep in their beds the residents listen to the crash of the waves and the slow thumps of land falling into the sea.

"I always wanted a sea view - you have to be careful what you wish for round here" Happisburgh Resident

With RedCape’s acclaimed unique visual and physical storytelling, sense of humour and original writing, 1 Beach Road also explores the metaphorical connection between Alzheimer’s and coastal erosion; as Victoria and Jane’s home erodes away so does Jane’s memory. A moving and humorous account of a poignant subject.

As part of the 1 Beach Road tour, RedCape Theatre with Turtle Key Arts ran a series of singing and song-writing workshops for people living with dementia called Mini-Turtle Songs.

Producers: Turtle Key Arts
Director: Sabina Netherclift
Writer: Solveig Holum
Dramaturg: Rebecca Loukes (RedCape Theatre)
Performer & Assistant Director: Cassie Friend
Performer: Catherine Dyson
Set & Costume Designer: Tina Bicat
Lighting Design: Aideen Malone
Sound Design: Andrew Dawson
Assistant to the Set & Costume Designer: Kate Rigby
Aerial Choreography: Alex Harvey  (Ockham’s Razor)
Production Manager & Set Builder: Nick Blower


“Coastal erosion becomes a metaphor for something even more chilling in this thoughtful, unsettling and beautifully conceived show.”

The Guardian

“Remarkable and disturbing, no other play has moved me so much this year, nothing I have seen has come so close to the white-knuckle bone of human emotion."

The Stage

“Flawless and often balletic performances by Cassie Friend and Catherine Dyson, 1 Beach Road will stay in the memory for as long as it’s there.”

Disability Arts

“A feast of small moments, of lovely, subtle gestures and echoed movements that build to create the myriad layers of meaning.”

Exuent Magazine





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