"RedCape’s devising workshop and techniques for devising have been invaluable teaching aids"  Head of Drama, Abbey School


We offer an innovative platform of education activities tailored to suit GCSE, A-Level and University level Drama programmes as well as for theatre professionals.

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RedCape Theatre have many years of experience working in education. Cassie is Artist in Residence at a school where she works with GCSE and A-level Drama students and Rebecca is a Senior Lecturer in Drama at University of Exeter, so we are uniquely placed to offer a platform of education activities designed for GCSE, A-Level and University level Drama programmes as well as for theatre professionals.

Below is a list of our workshops but we’re very happy to tailor these according to your specific needs. We also offer workshops specifically around our shows, using the Education Resource Packs we’ve written (go to Resources page).

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‘Both at GCSE and A-Level RedCape’s devising workshop and techniques for devising have been invaluable teaching aids because of their accessibility and innovation. Students have taken ideas and techniques from RedCape shows as inspiration for their own devising work.’  Head of Drama Department, The Abbey School

An Introduction to Devising with a Stimulus KS4 (2 or 3 Hours)

An introduction to the devising process. We will share with your students techniques used in our own professional rehearsal room using either their own stimulus or one provided by us. We will help them to work together as an ensemble and will also introduce some of the theatre techniques mentioned below in the KS5 workshop. We will leave the students with exercises for when they feel stuck as well.

Advanced Devising KS5 (2 or 3 Hours)

For students with an experience of devising but wishing to take it further. We will look at a wide range of theatre styles and techniques that the students can use in their own devising work. Techniques will include Physical Theatre and Story-telling, Site-specific Performance, Object Transformation, Working with Scale, Choral Movement, Verbatim Theatre, Starting with True stories and Building an Ensemble.

Writing in a Devised Process KS4/5 (2 or 3 Hours)

This workshop is led by experienced writer/performer and regular RedCape collaborator Catherine Dyson. Catherine has specific experience in writing for young people and delivering writing workshops in schools and drama groups. The workshop will demonstrate how writing techniques can be effectively used in the devising process. Drawing on methods we use in the RedCape rehearsal room, we will show how writing can be used as a stimulus for devising and vice versa, and how the playwright's tools can help to tighten and structure your devised work.

Creating an Ensemble KS3/4/5  (2 or 3 Hours)

Help your students work more effectively and efficiently together. Group warm-ups, choral movement, speaking, running and singing.  Exercises that can be re-used by teachers when their students need to work, devise and perform together.



Setting Up a Theatre Company (2 or 3 Hours)

The session uses RedCape’s experiences to address key issues facing new theatre companies and is designed for BA students about to graduate or for Level 1 or 2 students as part of an Employability programme. We offer mentoring and advice during the session tailored to students’ specific needs. The session covers:

Starting Up
Working with venues
Applying for funding
Edinburgh and other festivals
What to do when things go well (and not so well!)
Developing your company 'brand' and resources
Working with a producer

‘Red Cape's workshop has been invaluable to planning my first trip to Edinburgh. It was great to get tailored advice and it made me feel much more confident about taking my work to the Fringe. It really made me think about the responsibility that we have as theatre makers to ensure that we are creating something which has a lasting impact upon the communities with which we share our work’  Participant, ‘Setting Up a Theatre Company’, University of Exeter

Devising with RedCape Theatre (2 or 3 Hours)

This workshop is for Level, 1, 2 or 3 undergraduate Drama students and introduces RedCape’s approach to devising. Starting with our unique RedCape warm up, the session explores storytelling, working with objects, composition and ensemble movement. We finish with the showing of a piece of group devised work based on one of RedCape’s creative processes.

‘Fantastic workshop today with Rebecca from @RedCapeTheatre. A very insightful and helpful session so thank you SO much!’
‘Thank you to @RedCapeTheatre for a wonderful workshop today - loved it!’
Participants, Devising with RedCape Theatre, University of Bath Spa

An Introduction to Body Awareness for Physical Theatre (2 or 3 Hours)

The session is for Level 1, 2, 3 undergraduate Drama students. An introduction to RedCape Theatre's unique approach to performer training drawing on long-term practice in Asian martial/meditation arts, Lecoq and Gindler work. The workshop explores how to develop awareness skills as individual performers and/or an ensemble.


All of RedCape Theatre’s university level workshops can also be adapted to MA level. Additionally, RedCape Theatre also offers lectures and work demonstrations for undergraduate and postgraduate students covering:

Histories and Practices of Physical Theatre
Histories and Practices of Devising
Histories and Practices of Performer Training

The exact focus of each lecture can be designed in response to the needs of a particular module.

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    We offer an innovative platform of education activities tailored to suit GCSE, A-Level and University level Drama programmes as well as for theatre...

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