In a present-day urban living room, the wine flows as three exhausted hospital workers escape into a book.

In a dingy Victorian match factory, the workers’ bones begin to glow through their skin.

On a windswept common, 38,000 women encircle a nuclear base.

Part Victorian thriller, part contemporary tale of friendship and rebellion, RedCape Theatre are making a time-travelling, genre-busting new show about the female body as a site of vulnerability, a record of trauma, and a powerful weapon for change.

Striking visual theatre and gripping new writing combine to tell a multi-layered story which is both epic and intimate. Using the Victorian match women’s strike, the Reclaim the Night protests, and the Greenham Common women’s movement as touchstone moments when women put their bodies on the line, we’ve been following these threads and weaving them together in a tale which begins in a book club, and takes you on an extraordinary journey.

We are very grateful to Arts Council England for funding R&D for ‘The Luminous’, thanks also to South Street Arts, Cardiff Millenium Centre and University of Exeter.

The show will open in 2023. Watch this space!

Created by RedCape Theatre
Writer - Catherine Dyson
Director - Sabina Netherclift
Performers - Catherine Dyson, Cassie Friend and Rebecca Loukes
Designer – Tina Bicat and Charlie Myers