"A thoughtful, unsettling and beautifully conceived touring show from RedCape Theatre"  Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

In the summer of 2011 RedCape Theatre created their third play 1 Beach Road, which toured to all ACE regions in Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012.

The DVD of 1 Beach Road is available for purchase.

From research into the true ‘Coastal Erosion stories’ of Norfolk residents and from extensive study into the effects of Alzheimer’s the play explored the metaphorical connections between memory erosion and coastal erosion.

As part of the 1 Beach Road tour, RedCape Theatre with Turtle Key Arts ran a series of singing and song-writing workshops for people with dementia called Mini-Turtle Songs.

Mini Turtle Song in Oxford

Producers: Turtle Key Arts
Director: Sabina Netherclift
Writer: Solveig Holum
Dramaturg: Rebecca Loukes (RedCape Theatre)
Performer & Assistant Director: Cassie Friend
Performer: Catherine Dyson
Set & Costume Designer: Tina Bicat
Lighting Design: Aideen Malone
Sound Design: Andrew Dawson
Assistant to the Set & Costume Designer: Kate Rigby
Aerial Choreography: Alex Harvey  (Ockham’s Razor)
Production Manager & Set Builder: Nick Blower